An HCI experiment to explore interactive artificial life art

research paper, 2022

FeLT research assistant Glare Dumo, FeLT member Stefano Nichele and FeLT member Pedro G. Lind are co-authors on the recently selected research paper called An HCI experiment to explore interactive artificial life art for this coming HCI International Conference 2022 which will be held virtually from June 26th to July 1st 2022.

The research paper is based on the master’s thesis of Glare Dumo, who is a second-year master’s student at Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet) in the master program for Applied Computer and Information Technology (specialization of Universal Design of ICT) where she is being supervised by both Stefano Nichele and Pedro G. Lind.

They designed and presented an interface which is used for creating art using tools from artificial intelligence and artificial life. The interface is used for conducting two different experiments, one for the control group and one for the test group. It is tested and validated among their recruited participants who did both the said two experiments and a short online survey after each experiment with the aim of investigating how AI algorithms can be used for enabling all individuals even with disabilities or impairments, to express their artistic creativity.

The link for the research paper for you to download and read will be shared as soon as it is made available by the publisher. But for now, we can share some screenshots from the interface that is used in performing the two types of experiments and the short online surveys.