portrait picture of Pedro Lind

Pedro Lind

P.G.Lind works in data analysis and stochastic modelling applied to physical, biological, social, economical and energy systems. Since 2019 he is professor of scientific computing at Oslo Metropolitan University, being previously in Germany, at University of Osnabrueck as “Privat Dozent” and at University of Oldenburg as researcher. 

He holds a PhD in Mathematical-Physics and an “Habilitation” in theoretical physics (Stochastic Modelling in Physics and Interdisciplinary Applications). Conducting supervision activities with PhDs and MSc students in AI-related topics such as intelligence health, agent modelling of disease spreading, complex networks and critical phenomena, he authored and co-authored more than 70 publications indexed in WOS with over 1100 citations, and counts more than 200 talks and seminars in international conferences and in universities around the world. Since January 2021 he is also leading the Center of Research Excellence, NordSTAR – Nordic Center for Sustainable and Trustworthy AI Research – at Oslo Metropolitan University in Norway.

His main scientific achievements intersect the topics of data modelling and data analysis, with development of open source numerical routines and applications to fields such as geophysics, renewable energies and quantum computing. Besides that – and perhaps also related with it – he also enjoys art-related activities, such as hearing, practicing and composing music!

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