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Visualization of random Discrete Colour Sampling


This paper gives an overview over one project at The Living Technology Lab, with the goal to visualize and make an interactive game on an algorithm developed to produce randomness in a visual manner, but also to make the viewer or participant have a reflection on randomness. Random number
generators are key components of modern algorithms, e.g. artificial intelligence, as well as traditional computing systems. Natural and biological systems also display random and complex emergent patterns at the boundary of chaos and order, i.e. edge-of-chaos (Langton, 1990). In this work, we create art visualizations using Random Discrete Colour Sampling algorithm (Lieng et al., 2012), which uses principles from Gestalt psychology, and allows creations with different number of colours, the focus in this project has been on two and three colours. The paper also presents an interactive game, where the participant can 
try out the concept of visual randomness.

Stephanie Hoebeke