You are currently viewing RIXC Art Science Festival 2021: PostSENSORIUM

RIXC Art Science Festival 2021: PostSENSORIUM

RIXC Art Science Festival 2021: PostSENSORIUM

National Library, Riga

September 24th – November 12th 2021

The Plants Sense [Alive Installation, 2018]

From September 24th until November 12th FeLT PostDoc Maria Castellanos Vicente’s live installation The Plants Sense will be exhibited at Riga’s National Library as part of the RIXC Art Science Festival 2021: PostSENSORIUM. The festival explores the immensity of our virtual and real life challenges that demand a renewed focus on sensory perception and embodied experiences. 

You can experience the festival digitally from September 23-25
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The Plants Sense is a coproduction with Alberto Valverde, and an installation that allows the audience to know and experience the secret language of plants. It is a transdisciplinary work which connects art, science, technology and society.

The work consists of an interactive garden in which different sensors measure the electrical oscillations of the connected plants, and show their biochemical reactions to the human presence and the environment that surrounds them. All this information is processed and translated into vibrations and low frequency sounds that allow the visitor to perceive the plants through a wearable. Likewise, different interfaces in the garden provide the public to experiment and feel in their own hands the registered reactions of the plants, through different electronic devices.

This interaction makes possible the communication between humans and plants, thus reaching the understanding of the vegetal language, unattainable without the help of the robotic systems developed by the artist.

This device translates and transmits precisely those signals that humans, due to our limited perceptual system, cannot receive in other way.

Work designed by María Castellanos and Alberto Valverde, with the support of the VERTIGO project as part of the STARTS program of the European Commission, based on technological elements from the Flora Robotica, with the support of LABoral Centro de Arte.