Ongoing experimentations with Brain-to-Sculpture communication using EEG and actuated robotic sculptures

Work in progress, 2021 -

Daniel Slåttnes (b. 1986, Oslo) works sculpturally and performatively with explorations of bodily and emotional connections to the outside world, what it means to be alive, and communication beyond the verbal. Educated at the Academy of Fine Art in Trondheim and the Academy of Fine Art in Oslo (2014). The exhibition practice includes Meta.Morf X – Biennale for Art and Technology (Trondheim), Arctic Arts Festival (Harstad), Oppland Art Centre (Lillehammer), RAM Gallery and Atelier Nord (Oslo). Upcoming exhibitions at Kristiansund Kunsthall and Vestfold Art Centre (Tønsberg) in 2023 and 2024.

(Notebook and codebase:

The project is an investigation into the possibilities of feedback with a brain-computer interface (BCI). Robotic limbs are used as a platform to interact with the recorded brain waves. In my praxis, I explore ways to establish a kind of connection with my sculpture production. The brain-to-sculpture communication by scanning brain activity is a strategy to connect with objects. The project is under development, at the moment I’m exploring signal processing with machine learning.

I use conventional neuro scanning with an EEG device and translate the brain activity into expressions, shapes, and movements. By transmitting brain signals to the forms, I try to create a bodily connection with materials.

Someone said that meaning comes from existing in the world – by being bodily and interacting in the world. Today I experience that humans as a super-organism is in conflict with the world. Now when it’s perhaps more important than ever to create physical and emotional connections to the outside world.

Through various strategies, from intuition and changing states of mind to technological listening to signals, I seek a form of feedback from the materials I work with. For an upcoming exhibition project, I work with embodiments; mechanisms, and sculptural solutions that embody an experience of “aliveness”. In the studio, I do material explorations to manifest bodies and investigate connections with materials and beings.

The project is funded by DeepCA (Norwegian Research Council, grant agreement 286558) and FeLT (Norwegian Artistic Research Programme).

License and credits:

This project is MIT licensed. I get public funding and take freely from others’ work. Resources used in this project may have other conditions and restrictions. I try to credit where it’s due, please reach out if I missed someone.