Work in progress, 2020 - 2022

The project is an artistic research that aims to explore the communication between plants, through the use of AI tools in order to try to understand a better these living beings with we co-habit in the Earth.

This is a processual work in with we have created a network of plants connected to the Internet. A sensor developed by uh513 has been incorporated to the plants, allowing us to measure the electrical activity that takes place into the plants. This electrical activity depends on changes in the surrounding of the plant.  Additionally we placed environmental sensors ta allow us to monitor the surrounding of the plants; like changes in temperature, sound, proximity, etc. In order to compare this measures with the biochemical state of the plant. Also some actuators were placed in the device, as a tool to allow the plants to communicate each other by sending signals to another part in other part of the world.

Through the use of technology as a tool we are creating a network of connected plants to the Internet. An analogue net to the mycelia network that take place in the woods; made up fine threads of fungi called mycelia that grow up below the ground, setting up an organic network that allow to share information and nutrients.