You are currently viewing Caring Futures exhibition at Sølvberget Galleri

Caring Futures exhibition at Sølvberget Galleri

FeLT PhD Hege Tapio/IoLab has collaborated together with Sølvberget Galleri and The University in Stavanger (UiS) on creating the exhibition Caring Futures.

The exhibition consists of eight selected artworks from Emilia Tikka, Ruth Gilmour, Åsa Båve, Kaisu Koski/Roland Van Dierendonck, Jacob Remin, Kari Telstad Sundet, and Marie Lynn Speckert.

The exhibition will open September 17th 14:00.

Caring Futures
Curated by FeLT PhD Hege Tapio / IoLab

Sølvberget, Sølvberggata 2, 4006 Stavanger, Norway

September 17th – December 18th.
Mon-thu.: 10 – 19, Fri: 10 – 17, Sat: 10 – 16, Sun: 12 – 16


Read more about Caring Futures on the project page