About Futures of Living Technologies

From a perspective of ecological crisis, FeLT- Futures of Living Technologies, engages in the relations and intersections that occur between human beings, living environments and machines, relations on the edge of how we experience aliveness today.

This entails how we sense life in the environment, in other beings and ourselves in an existence being constantly enhanced by technology. Questioning this situation, evokes a sense of the uncanny and a fear of being dominated by the machine, but also reveals possibilities of becoming, creation of new forms and behaviors. Could we develop aliveness and create a more balanced existence? Can we enhance our senses and communication abilities to become beings that are more adept at co-existence? The core of FeLT is to investigate such ambiguous questions by artistic means in proximity to computer science research. State-of-the-art scientific research provides inventories of living systems and their functions: intelligence, evolution, reasoning and learning. This is made available as an artistic material that is discursive and performative, rather than representational.

Through residencies and workshops, we will develop a body of works to present, reflect and share artistic examples and experiments. By entering a transdisciplinary discourse from an artistic point of view, we will learn more about the transdisciplinary as a way to navigate in complex, layered realms of sensuous experience and knowledge. Questions and speculations that are not addressed or fully developed otherwise, can emerge through employing artistic methods. We will join together artistic methods and aesthetics from bio art and techno ecologies with contemporary perspectives on sensory experience and materiality in artistic production and research. Inspired both by artistic works and contemporary, theoretical and scientific perspectives on technology, ecology and aesthetics, we will develop a transdisciplinary working environment driven by artistic research.